May 13

Michael Caisse (of Object Modeling Designs), some of you will know him from the Freenode #boost IRC channel, presented his talk about Spirit at BoostCon 2010 last Tuesday. I personally very much like listening to his knowledgeable and entertaining presentations. Apparently many people do so as well, the room he presented in was overfull. People even sat on the floor as all seats were taken. So in case you are interested – here is a link to his slides: Using Spirit V2: Qi and Karma.

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  1. Viet says:

    Thanks for sharing. FYI the URL provided leads to 404 error page. Please kindly fix it. Thank you very much!

  2. Hartmut Kaiser says:

    That’s fixed now.

    Regards Hartmut

  3. Viet says:

    How come I don’t see XML example in the slides. The XML part starts at the slide 301 and finishes at the slide 305 (the final slide). May I ask if the PDF is fine? Thanks!

    • Hi Viet –
      The XML example was not something we could get to in 90-minutes so I didn’t have it in the presentation. For the purposes of learning Spirit the Protocol Translator example works well.

      Best Regards –

      • Viet says:

        Hi Michael, thank you very much for your response! I’d be grateful if you could publish source code of XML and XPath. I admit that you had been very fast: 305 slides in 90 mins with demo included. Thanks again!

  4. Joel de Guzman says:

    Michael was amazing! Thanks for posting, Hartmut.

  5. Arash Partow says:

    An excellent set of slides!
    Hopefully it will be somehow included in the actual Spirit documentation.

  6. bpw1621 says:

    The slides are awesome. I imagine it would have been posted if there had been any recorded audio or video but it never hurts to ask. If it wasn’t recorded, any chance you can record your audio/video from the next time you give the talk?

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