May 16

Yes, we were tempted to call our second BoostCon talk ‘Design and Evolution’, but we decided to to be modest. We wanted to give a very brief overview of the way Spirit has evolved over the last decade. While talking about a period of time this long in 90 minutes has to be very brief we nevertheless tried to highlight the main stepping stones and milestones in Spirits development. For me, developing the slides for ‘Spirit: History and Evolution’ was real fun: looking through ancient email archives, re-reading key private conversations, and realizing that most of the ideas implemented today have been already in place from the early years. All of this was exciting. To some extent, this even turned out to be educational.

I have to admit I was not sure how people would react to this kind of talk. It was not one of the usual, sophisticated, well thought through, and cutting edge presentations normally seen at BoostCon. This talk was merely a conversation with the attendees about Boost’s history guided by Spirits evolution. In the end I was relieved to see people reacted positively. Some came to me afterwards saying they enjoyed listening. For all of you not being at BoostCon, here are the slides: Spirit: History and Evolution.

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  1. Viet says:

    Hi! Thanks for the slides. Unfortunately, the PDF are not PPT/PPTX/Keynote files, therefore some pages are lost due to layering. Please kindly share PPT/PPTX/Keynote so that readers could read full content. Thank you very much!

  2. metagoto says:

    A very valuable document. Thanks!

  3. Viet says:

    Hi 🙂 I haven’t seen the site updating for half a month. Is everything OK here? Hope you are doing well & I’m looking forward to new articles.

  4. Gordon says:

    This talk was inspiring and entertaining! The history of c++ metaprogramming and expression templates in practice. See it here:

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