Jan 19

You might have wondered where do all those names like Spirit, Qi, or Karma come from? Well, Joachim Faulhaber gave the explanation on the Boost mailing list yesterday:

because xpressive names have a better spirit, bring qi to your software and will enhance your karma so they can heal your (con)fusion and make you wave like a phoenix from the ashes.

This is simply brilliant and I thought to share it with you! Smile

5 Responses to “Why Do We Have All Those Names?”

  1. Mathias Gaunard says:

    So we need to write Boost.Ashes?

  2. Korval says:

    That got a chuckle, but doesn’t actually constitute an answer. I’m generally of the opinion that the name of something should at least tangentially relate to what it does. Boost.Filesystem’s purpose is obvious a priori, as are Boost.MPL and Boost.SmartPtr. Boost.Fusion’s purpose is not; you have to read about the library to have a clue about what it does.

    • Hartmut Kaiser says:

      The chuckle was the main point of that post 😛

      Overall, I do not agree with you on all points, though. Surely, it’s impossible to guess what a library does if all you have is a name like ‘Spirit’ (even if in the case of Fusion it’s not as obfuscated as you say: Fusion is a library combining features of STL and MPL, it’s a ‘fusion’ of the two). But once you know what Spirit is, you don’t have to remind yourself all the time about its purpose. The name sticks, and that is what seems to be important. Every good marketing campain is built around a name, as irrelevant that name might be to the product.

      But that’s certainly all IMHO only.
      Regards Hartmut

      • Joel de Guzman says:

        Of course it’s my opinion too.

        Why should “creative” names be confined to such things as, say, programming languages or operating systems? What is Python? Of course everybody knows the answer.

        Korval , now here’s a challenge for you: give me a more suitable name for Boost.Fusion.

        • > give me a more suitable name for Boost.Fusion.

          Boost Type Fusion Library (TFL)

          Perhaps it is not very different to the current name neither it’s better, but the part “Type” may make things clearer to some.

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