Mar 18

Somewhere over the past days we crossed a major milestone with Spirit’s website. Granted, it went by unnoticed, but we celebrated our 300,000 visitor since the launch of the new website in November 2009! As you can see from the Google analytics plot below, the average number of daily visitors stayed pretty constant over the last year, showing a slight increase lately.

I find it to be very encouraging that the average time people spend on the Spirit site is over 6 minutes. Compared to other websites (even purely technical ones), this number is huge. It is an indication that the contents we try to provide are useful and interesting to our visitors.


For those of you interested in more detailed statistics, the plots below show the regional distribution and the corresponding numbers for the top 10 visiting countries.



Thanks to all of you for your loyalty!

2 Responses to “More than 300,000 visitors!”

  1. Thomas Heller says:


    Congrats 🙂

  2. anders li says:

    I guess I contribute lots of China time on spirit. I always open spirit web site and referencing. Have using spirit for one year in my project. Nothing to say more, It is terrible good !

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