Jul 12

Spirit V2.5 is now available as part of the recently released Boost V1.47. I suggest you look at the What’s New documentation page for a list of things changed. This is a very important release for Spirit, mostly in the area of feature consolidation and less so by adding new functionality. It brings a lot of unification and quite some speedup in the area of attribute handling, both for parsers (Qi) and generators (Karma). Most of the newly added features are in the area of unification of the overall user experience as well. The things added to the Lexer should finally resolve some long standing requests. Most importantly, we are very excited about having added full compatibility with the newly released Phoenix V3 library.

Generally, all changes are supposed to be fully backwards compatible. If you run into problems with your existing code, please tell us by leaving a comment or by sending a message to the Spirit mailing list (as described on our Support page).

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  1. Profit says:

    > Spirit V2.5 is now available as part of the recently released Boost V1.47.

    Today (2012 June 12th) I just downloaded Boost V1.49 and it includes a old version of Spirit

    #define SPIRIT_VERSION_NOVEMBER_13_2008_0834AM

    Can you clarify ?


  2. Joel de Guzman says:

    What you are looking at is the header include guard. Follow the header that it points to. #include

  3. Eckard Klotz says:

    Hello Everybody.

    My Projects “https://sourceforge.net/projects/mulanpa/” and “https://sourceforge.net/projects/moritz/” are using the old spirit 1.8.5. It works quite well but I think it is time to update. But to dowload the great boost package just for using one part-library is like killing a whole pig just to get an single pickled knuckle. Is there a posibility to get Spirit 2.x as a stand-allone library?

    Even if you answer “No!”. Is it possible to cut out the spirit-part to create the stand-alone library by my self. There are some users outside wich have real problems to use the whole boost-package together with their tool-environment. But some of them are building my software by them self. Thus I like to offer them the needed spirit-files in my project if it is possible and you agree with this.

    Best regards,
    Eckard Klotz.

  4. The Boost Library ships with the BCP tool that is able to scan your source files, determine which parts of the Boost library it depends on, and then trim down Boost to just those dependencies:


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