May 16

C++Now 2015

C++ Now 2015. Today is the official release of Spirit X3, aka Spirit 3.0.0. X3 will be in beta, coexisting side by side with Qi, Karma, Lex and Classic.

If you are a Qi user, the best place to start are the examples, especially rexpr and x3 fun.

Remember to use a compiler with c++14 capabilities:

  • clang 3.4 or greater
  • gcc 4.9 or greater


Docs: X3 Documentation

Slides: Using X3 Slides

Spirit X3 Source


Use the develop branch.

Zip of develop:

You will find boilerplate (getting started) projects in: example/x3/rexpr
There are two directories.

  • rexpr_min – contains a single file to start things off.
  • rexpr_full – contains a structure similar to the one in the presentation complete with tests.

X3 Fun



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