Spirit is part of Boost Libraries, a peer-reviewed, open collaborative development effort. Historically, Spirit releases come bundled with everything necessary to successfully use the library. Starting with 1.6, when Spirit was initially accepted as a boost component, a spirit-only package, that does not include other boost components, is offered in addition to the full package that includes a subset of boost (miniboost) required by the library. If you are already a boost user, you’d want to download spirit-only packages. The full package on the other hand is for those who wish to use Spirit without having to install the boost libraries in full.

Historically, Spirit supported a lot of compilers, including (to some extent) poorly conforming compilers such as VC6. Spirit v1.6.x will be the last release that will support older poorly conforming compilers. Starting from Spirit v1.8.0, ill conforming compilers will not be supported. If you are still using one of these older compilers, you can still use Spirit v1.6.x.

What’s New?




Wave is a C++/C99 preprocessor that is implemented using Spirit. Wave Version 1.0 is the stable release.

5 Responses to “Download”

  1. Roger says:

    This page doesn’t seem to point to the latest version anymore.

  2. Irritated at its size says:

    So finally spirit became the exact problem that it tried to address.

    In case you forgot its initial goal: “…..many programmers stay away from tools such as YACC because of the “jumbo jet” syndrome. (It’s just too big and detached from the application.) ………”

    All I need is just a parser and now look at its size. …seems I have to stay away from you too, spirit.

    Keep it simple…S..

    • Joel de Guzman says:

      The bulk of the download is due to having the complete Boost library, including the libraries that Spirit does not really use. There are tools such as BCP that allows you to trim down the download size to what you just need. In the early days, we do that and make a Spirit-minimal package that gives you just the components that you need. Perhaps it’s a good idea to do that again as a service to the Spirit community.

  3. Awesome, very nice. Thanks for letting it stay open source!

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