Spirit V2.x Compiler Compatibility

Supported Compilers

This is list of officially supported compilers (as tested  by Boost’s daily regression tests):

Compiler Vendor Notes
g++ for Windows, Linux, and MacOS GNU All versions >= 3.4.x
Microsoft Visual C++ Microsoft All Versions >= V7.1
Intel C++ for Windows Intel All versions >= V9.1
Intel C++ for Linux and MacOS Intel All versions >= V10.1


Tested Environments

Please, add a comment below describing your environment if it’s not listed yet and you’ve built Spirit V2 with it successfully. We will add this information to the table.

Operating System Architecture Compiler Version Notes


Unsupported Compilers

These compilers can not be used for Spirit V2 at all as they lack support for required important parts of the C++ Standard .

Compiler Vendor Notes
Borland C++ Builder Codegear Last tested version CB2010
Turbo C++ Borland  
Open Watcom C/C++ Sybase  
XL C/C++ for AIX IBM Last tested version V10.1.0.0

5 Responses to “Spirit V2.x Compiler Compatibility”

  1. Alex Ott says:

    May be it doesn’t related to 2.1, but I had problem with boost.spirit 1.8 on 64-bit systems with gcc < 4.1 – during template instatiation, gcc ate all available memory and was killed by linux oom killer

  2. OvermindDL1 says:

    @Alex Ott: No, it is not related, 2.1 is completely rewritten from 1.8, be sure to re-test.

  3. Jonas Bülow says:

    Spirit seems to be broken on OSX using the compiler from xcode (gcc 4.2.1). Many examples fails to build.

    • michael shiplett says:

      indeed, the qi::repeat directive in particular fails with messages such as

      /usr/local/pkg/boost-1.46.0/include/boost/fusion/container/list/cons.hpp:85: warning: ‘.boost::fusion::cons<boost::spirit::qi::char_class<boost::spirit::tag::char_code >, boost::fusion::nil>::cdr’ is used uninitialized in this function

  4. Cristiano Malossi says:


    do you plan to make Spirit compatible with the IBM compilers for the Blue Gene clusters? In this case can you provide an estimate date?

    Thank you for the reply.


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