Nov 19

Why would you want to upgrade to Spirit2 from “Classic” Spirit?

Here’s a teaser:

Spirit 1.x [ straight pattern matching (no actions)  ]
real    0m0.359s
user   0m0.332s
sys     0m0.012s

Spirit 1.x [ parse tree generation ]
real    0m9.305s
user   0m9.209s
sys     0m0.076s

Spirit 2.1 [ AST with variant nodes generation ]
real    0m0.459s
user   0m0.432s
sys     0m0.028s

Check out this short article.

4 Responses to “The Spirit2 Advantage”

  1. Viet says:

    The numbers look good. I hope to see comparison with Yard C++ parser and more test cases with sophisticated grammar, say XML or C, JS and testing on large files (say 10MB).

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