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Joel de Guzman
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Dan Nuffer
Chris Uzdavinis
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The Parser
Character Sets
The Rule
Iterators and Parsing
The Scanner
The Multi Pass
Semantic Actions
Specialized Actions
Reference Wrappers
Parametric Parsers
Error Handling
Future Directions
Wrap up


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Joel de Guzman

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Special thanks to Dan Nuffer, John (EBo) David, Chris Uzdavinis, and Doug Gregor. These people are most instrumental in steering Spirit in the right direction.

Special thanks also to people who have contributed to the code base and sample code, ported Spirit to various platforms and compilers, gave suggestions, reported and provided bug fixes. Alexander Hirner, Andy Elvey, Bogdan Kushnir, Brett Calcott, Bruce Florman, Changzhe Han, Colin McPhail, Hakki Dogusan, Jan Bares, Joseph Smith, Martijn W. van der Lee, Raghavendra Satish, Remi Delcos, Tom Spilman, Vladimir Prus, W. Scott Dillman, David A. Greene, Bob Bailey, Hartmut Kaiser.

Finally special thanks also to people who gave feedback and valuable comments, particularly members of Spirit's Source Forge mailing list and