Sep 25

After a long time in beta (more than 2 years with Spirit 2.0), Spirit 2.1 will finally be released with the upcoming Boost 1.41 release. The code is very stable now and is ready for production code. We are working hard on finishing the documentation in time for Boost 1.41. You can peek at the current state of the documentation here. Currently, you can find the code and documentation in the Boost SVN trunk. If you have a new project involving Spirit, we highly recommend starting with Spirit 2.1 now. Allow me to quote OvermindDL’s post from the Spirit mailing list:

I may start to sound like a bot with how often I say this, but Spirit.Classic is ancient, you should switch to Spirit2.1, it can do everything you did above a GREAT deal easier, a lot less code, and it executes faster. For example, Spirit2.1 can build your entire AST inline, no weird overriding, no need to build things up afterwards, etc…, all as one nice and fast step. You really need to update. See the other posts from the past day for links to docs and such for Spirit2.1. Spirit2.1 is currently in Boost Trunk, but will be formally released with Boost 1.41, but is otherwise complete.

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