Welcome to Spirit

Spirit is a set of C++ libraries for parsing and output generation implemented as Domain Specific Embedded Languages (DSEL) using Expression templates and Template Meta-Programming. The Spirit libraries enable a target grammar to be written exclusively in C++. Inline grammar specifications can mix freely with other C++ code and, thanks to the generative power of C++ templates, are immediately executable.

Spirit is part of Boost Libraries, a peer-reviewed, open collaborative development effort.

Jan ’11 19

You might have wondered where do all those names like Spirit, Qi, or Karma come from? Well, Joachim Faulhaber gave the explanation on the Boost mailing list yesterday:

because xpressive names have a better spirit, bring qi to your software and will enhance your karma so they can heal your (con)fusion and make you wave like a phoenix from the ashes.

This is simply brilliant and I thought to share it with you! Smile

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