Welcome to Spirit

Spirit is a set of C++ libraries for parsing and output generation implemented as Domain Specific Embedded Languages (DSEL) using Expression templates and Template Meta-Programming. The Spirit libraries enable a target grammar to be written exclusively in C++. Inline grammar specifications can mix freely with other C++ code and, thanks to the generative power of C++ templates, are immediately executable.

Spirit is part of Boost Libraries, a peer-reviewed, open collaborative development effort.

Aug ’11 10

We’ve had a Spirit IRC channel for a few months now. It started out as a semi-private channel. Well, we made it officially public now. You can get Spirit support via the ##spirit or #boost IRC channels at freenode, where you will often find knowledgeable people willing to help with your Spirit questions. The #boost channel is for anything Boost related, including Spirit. The ##spirit channel is solely for Spirit and Spirit related libraries (Fusion, Phoenix and Wave).

See you there!

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