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Spirit is a set of C++ libraries for parsing and output generation implemented as Domain Specific Embedded Languages (DSEL) using Expression templates and Template Meta-Programming. The Spirit libraries enable a target grammar to be written exclusively in C++. Inline grammar specifications can mix freely with other C++ code and, thanks to the generative power of C++ templates, are immediately executable.

Spirit is part of Boost Libraries, a peer-reviewed, open collaborative development effort.

Mar ’11 18

Somewhere over the past days we crossed a major milestone with Spirit’s website. Granted, it went by unnoticed, but we celebrated our 300,000 visitor since the launch of the new website in November 2009! As you can see from the Google analytics plot below, the average number of daily visitors stayed pretty constant over the last year, showing a slight increase lately.

I find it to be very encouraging that the average time people spend on the Spirit site is over 6 minutes. Compared to other websites (even purely technical ones), this number is huge. It is an indication that the contents we try to provide are useful and interesting to our visitors.


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Mar ’11 06

We (the spirit developers) are obviously advocates of FP (functional programming). We use as much FP as we can in the design of Spirit. Spirit is essentially a parser-combinator library in the likes of Haskell parser libraries such as Parsec. The similarities end however in how we deal with imperative constructs that are taboos in the FP world.

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Frank Dellaert
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